Ljubljana Glacier

Ljubljanski ledenik (the Ljubljana Glacier) is an innovative, interactive urban orientation that seeks to raise public awareness about the dangers of heat waves. Specifically created for residents and visitors of Ljubljana, this project addresses the well-known issue of the heat island effect in the city during the summer months, which poses a significant threat to human health. 

The objective of the project is to provide an innovative and easily accessible way of educating the public on the issue of heat waves. The theoretical aspects of protection, preventive measures, health risks, emergency procedures, and other relevant factors are presented in a practical manner through orientation in the urban environment. This approach offers an opportunity for active leisure while directing participants towards safe havens during heatwaves, including cool and shaded areas, and drinking fountains.

The project objectives are to: 

  • Providing a comprehensive and innovative way of educating the public about climate change adaptation with a particular emphasis on heat waves. The project intends to educate people about the importance of protection against extreme weather events and sustainable development practices within Ljubljana.
  • In the springtime, an orientation will be established within the Municipality of Ljubljana, and a map will be created that leads to physical points in space where participants can access the content through a QR code.
  • The project will organise a one-day event that includes a guided tour of the orientation and other activities. 
  • Additionally, schools and organisations in the Municipality of Ljubljana will be informed about the path's availability for sports days or other activities, ensuring that the content reaches the widest possible audience, including vulnerable groups.

Project duration: januar 2023–oktober 2023

The project receives co-funding from the Municipality of Ljubljana (MOL) as part of the 2023 Public Call for co-financing environmental protection projects by non-governmental and non-profit organisations in MOL.

You can access the content through this link.