Ljubljana Glacier: shelters

In many cities around the world, they have created cooling centres—air-conditioned spaces where residents can find relief from heat waves at no cost (1). In Ljubljana, we also have a diverse selection of spaces where we can cool down during heat waves. 

Libraries are a great example of publicly accessible cooling centres. In addition to providing a cooler environment, libraries often offer facilities like restrooms, computer access, free Wi-Fi, and, of course, a wide selection of books. 

But it's not just libraries—in our city, we can also find other places where we can cool down during heat waves, such as galleries, theatres, and shopping centres. And here's an unexpected option: churches. Churches have thick stone walls that naturally keep the interior cooler than the outside. They offer a serene escape from the city's noise and heat. Just remember to respect the dress code and behaviour guidelines when visiting churches and other public religious places.

The Ljubljanski ledenik (Ljubljana Glacier) project is an initiative dedicated to raising awareness about the significance, impact, and protection against heat waves. Discover more valuable content on posters strategically placed throughout the city centre and by visiting the following link. The project is co-funded by the Municipality of Ljubljana.

(1) Berisha, Vjollca, et al. “Assessing Adaptation Strategies for Extreme Heat: A Public Health Evaluation of Cooling Centers in Maricopa County, Arizona.” Weather, Climate, and Society, Jan. 2017. American Meteorological Society, https://doi.org/10.1175/wcas-d-16-0033.1. URL: https://web.archive.org/web/20180721234729/https://repository.asu.edu/attachments/191070/content/Cooling%20Centers%20Evaluation%20article.pdf