Ker alkohol ni mleko

The Ker alkohol ni mleko (Because Alcohol Is Not Milk) initiative was launched in 2018 through a partnership of ongoing project stakeholders. Recent research and prior activities indicate that alcohol-related issues in Slovenia are more intricate and alarming than previously recognised. Notably, there is a near-complete disregard for alcohol consumption among minors and visibly inebriated youths, not only among politicians, vendors, and caterers but also parents and other adults. 

The primary aim of the project is to combat this indifference towards alcohol and alcohol policy by executing a comprehensive action plan and empowering policymakers and decision-makers. The target groups include policy and decision-makers in the realm of public health and beyond, media representatives, parents, other essential adults, vendors, and NGOs in the public health sector. The long-term benefits of the project will primarily be evident in the improved health and reduced alcohol consumption of children and young people. 

Expected outcomes comprise an enhanced watchdog role of NGOs in public health, including greater involvement in activities, more advocacy actions, and a significant reduction in indifference and tolerance towards alcohol among various target groups. This can be achieved through improved results from "mystery shopper" initiatives, greater media support for our activities, heightened engagement from parental and other professional institutions and organisations in addressing the problem and finding solutions, as well as a stricter and more effective alcohol policy, including additional measures to restrict alcohol access to minors and intoxicated youths.

Project partners: Slovensko združenje za kronične nenalezljive bolezni, Inštitut za raziskave in razvoj »Utrip«, Mladinska zveza Brez izgovora Slovenija, Institute for Health and Environment, Društvo za zdravje srca in ožilja Slovenije, Slovenska zveza za javno zdravje, okolje in tobačno kontrolo and IOGT Iceland.

The project is co-financed by Active Citizens Fund Slovenia. 

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