The CleanAir4Health project is an international endeavour that combines research and awareness-raising initiatives. It is a continuation of the Diesel and Health project, which sought to educate the public about the detrimental effects of traffic-related air pollution on human health. In this current project, we are conducting extensive research into the healthcare costs of air pollution, as well as identifying effective policies and measures aimed at mitigating air pollution and reducing its impact on public health and the healthcare system.

Air pollution is a significant threat to human health in numerous European cities. According to the World Health Organization, up to 500,000 premature deaths can be attributed to air pollution, with 400,000 of these occurring within the European Union. The mortality and morbidity linked to air pollution pose a considerable challenge to the well-being of European citizens. On a global scale, air pollution ranks as the fourth most common cause of death among risk factors, surpassed only by high blood pressure, poor diet, and smoking (HEI, 2018). 

The project has released a comprehensive reportdetailing a study that analysed the social costs of healthcare services linked to air pollution across 432 European cities in 30 countries, including EU member states, the United Kingdom, Norway, and Switzerland. Social costs encompass all factors that affect people's well-being, including both direct healthcare expenses (such as hospitalisation costs) and indirect health impacts (such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or reduced life expectancy due to air pollution). The negative effects of pollution significantly impact people's overall well-being, as individuals undoubtedly desire a healthy life in a clean and safe environment.

Čeprav čisto okolje ni nekaj, kar bi lahko kupili na tržnici, moramo kljub temu oblikovati robustno metodologijo za finančno ovrednotenje teh vplivov, da bomo lahko ocenili njihove učinke na splošno javno zdravje. Povzetek poročila v slovenščini si lahko preberete here.

Project duration: From 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021