Ljubljana Glacier: underpasses, areas under bridges

Areas under bridges and underpasses have great potential in coping with heat waves. 

These spaces offer a valuable refuge during hot weather as they are designed to provide shade and minimise the impact of sunlight on the ground. Additionally, the cool air near the ground tends to linger in these areas, contributing to lower temperatures.

Globally, spaces under bridges showcase innovative designs and solutions. Some cities have recognised these areas as potential heat shelters. In New York, for instance, under-bridge spaces are part of the "Beat the Heat" programme, encouraging people to seek shelter there during hot weather (2). 

A good example of this practice is the skate park beneath the Fabiani Bridge near Cukrarna. The Municipality of Ljubljana has created this project to enable outdoor recreation even during heat waves (3). Skating in the shade of the bridge is more bearable and less harmful to health compared to engaging in such activities in areas directly exposed to scorching sunlight.

The Ljubljanski ledenik (Ljubljana Glacier) project is an initiative dedicated to raising awareness about the significance, impact, and protection against heat waves. Discover more valuable content on posters strategically placed throughout the city centre and by visiting the following link. The project is co-funded by the Municipality of Ljubljana.

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