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Heatwaves have numerous negative impacts on the health of residents—high temperatures can lead to serious health issues such as heatstroke, with a particular risk for the elderly, children, chronic patients, participants in sporting events, and outdoor workers. Test your knowledge on heat stress in urban areas and learn something new!


Ljubljana Glacier

Test your knowledge and learn something new!

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Green spaces (trees, parks, etc.) can significantly reduce the air temperature during heatwaves.

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Tropical nights in Slovenia during summer are becoming more frequent, causing stress on the human body.

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What is the urban heat island?

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To minimise the harmful effects of summer heat on our bodies, we can take the following precautions during spring:

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Heat stress is particularly dangerous for vulnerable groups. Which ones can you identify on the list?

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Climate change will lead to:

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The Ljubljana Glacier project raises awareness about the importance, impact, and protection against heat waves. You can find more information on posters throughout the city centre and at this link: https://izo.si/ll-ljubljanski-ledenik/. The project is co-funded by the Municipality of Ljubljana.